Achmea 2012 interim results

Achmea delivered a sound performance in the first half of 2012, despite ongoing turbulence in the financial markets. Our solvency position remains strong and our capital base is of high quality. Moreover, our low risk profile is maintained, which is also reflected in our investment portfolio. In the first half of the year we continued to successfully lower our costs. In the first six months of 2012 we had to make additional provisions for our long-term disability insurance.

As a cooperative insurer, we value the long-term trust our customers place in us. We recognise the importance of financial stability in these fast-changing times. The combination of a robust capitalisation, strong market positions and a good track record of operational delivery make Achmea a solid and reliable long-term partner for our customers. Serving our customers with good insurance at a reasonable price remains our prime objective.

Supported by our solid financial position, we will continue to effectively execute our strategy aimed at further strengthening our core businesses Non-life and Health while reducing costs and complexity.