Achmea allocates result over 2016 to limit increase in health premiums

Achmea is limiting the increase in basic healthcare premiums for next year by contributing around €420 million, which will be charged against the 2016 result. Via premiums, this contribution will be returned to customers of Zilveren Kruis, Interpolis, Avéro, Pro Life, OZF, FBTO and De Friesland Zorgverzekeraar.

In the past two years, Achmea has already contributed around €800 million towards the limiting of the increase in healthcare premiums. By offering health care premiums below cost price, more than €1.2 billion from reserves has been reimbursed to customers. Structurally offering healthcare insurance below cost price is not sustainable, as healthcare insurers must maintain adequate reserves in the interests of their policyholders. Steep increases in premiums are therefore inevitable in the future.