Achmea and Euroins agree on transfer of Interamerican Bulgaria

Achmea and Euroins Insurance Group signed a transaction agreement concerning Achmea's Bulgarian insurance companies Interamerican Non Life and Interamerican Life. The agreement refers to the transfer of the Bulgarian insurance activities of Achmea. Finalisation of the transaction is subject to approval by the regulatory authorities and is expected to take place in the second half of 2013.

​Willem van Duin, Chairman of the Executive Board of Achmea: "This transaction is an outcome of our focused developments and future strategy for Achmea's international business. We intend to invest in companies that have considerable scale and fit with our core competences non-life and health insurance, distributed through the direct channel or through bancassurance. We are confident that with the support of the Euroins Insurance Group, Interamerican can grow further within the expanding Bulgarian insurance market through brokers and continue to support its clients and other stakeholders."

Euroins Chief Executive Officer Mr. Kiril Boshov comments: "We are very pleased to have reached agreement with Achmea on the transfer of Interamerican Bulgaria. With this transaction, Euroins Insurance Group will have a complete range of insurance licences: non-life, life and health. The company will be able to offer its current and future clients a full range of combined insurance products. We are proud to see the group grow further through this merger."
In order to facilitate a stable transition and support the development of the company, Interamerican's Chief Executive Officer Dominique Bauduin has agreed to stay with the company and its new parent group.