Achmea announces changes in Supervisory and Executive Boards

Achmea has reappointed Rinus Minderhoud and Henk Slijkhuis as members of its Supervisory Board. Arnold Walravens (chairman of the Supervisory Board) and Flip Buurmeijer have stood down in accordance with the retirement rota. It had already been announced that Erik van de Merwe would take over the chairmanship of the Supervisory Board as of today's date. In addition, Thomas van Rijckevorsel is to stand down from the Executive Board with effect from 30 June 2012. These changes were announced by Achmea today following the annual general meeting of shareholders, the business of which included adoption of the full-year figures for 2011.

At the annual general meeting, the Executive Board reported on the 2011 financial year and the Supervisory Board reported on its supervision. Achmea's shareholders are Vereniging Achmea (65%), which represents Achmea's customers, Rabobank (29%) and a number of foreign shareholders (6%). The task of filling the vacancies left by the departure of Messrs. Walravens and Buurmeijer is under way. The Central  Works Council and Vereniging Achmea have been invited to submit nominations.

Thomas van Rijckevorsel (58) has decided to stand down as a member of Achmea's Executive Board, on which he has served since 2008, with specific responsibility for Interpolis,  corporate clients and banking ctivities. Reason for this decision is Thomas van Rijckevorsel's wish after a long career, to spend more  time with family and friends. Before joining Achmea, he held various senior management positions at Rabobank Nederland. Achmea intends to appoint a successor to Thomas van Rijckevorsel on the Executive Board and further announcements will follow in due course.
Willem van Duin, chairman of the Executive Board, respects Mr. Van Rijckevorsel's choice: "We fully understand Thomas's decision. We thank him for the contribution he has made to our group, especially to our banking distribution. Among others with the benefit of the experience he brought with him from Rabobank, the relationship between Interpolis and Rabobank was strengthened. We wish him all the best in the future."

The full-year  figures  which  Achmea  published  on  13  March  2012  were  adopted  at  the shareholders' meeting. In light of the group's negative result, no dividend will be distributed on the ordinary shares. Holders of preference shares will receive a dividend of 7.15% and coupons will be paid to holders of perpetual bonds.