Achmea appoints Caspar van Haaften as CFO Eureko Sigorta

Achmea has appointed Caspar van Haaften as Chief Financial Officer (CFO) of its Turkish insurance company Eureko Sigorta. On October 1st 2017, Van Haaften will succeed Constantino Mousinho who will take up the role of Director of Finance and Strategy at Achmea International.

Van Haaften has extensive knowledge of the international finance and insurance sector and was until recently active as CFO of Graydon Holding N.V. Before that Van Haaften worked among others for Aviva in France for four years and before that he was active for three years for Aviva in the United Kingdom. He also worked for Delta Lloyd in Belgium for over six years.

Uco Vegter, managing director of Achmea International, is pleased with the appointment of Van Haaften. “Caspar has a robust financial background and has already worked in Turkey, among others for the British insurer Aviva. He is accustomed with Turkish culture and is also known as someone who fosters innovation in the financial sector. He has a good fit with our ambitions and with those of our Turkish colleagues. I wish Caspar lots of success in his role as the new CFO van Eureko Sigorta.”

As of October 1st the Executive Team of Eureko Sigorta consists of Can Akın Çağlar (General Manager), Caspar van Haaften (Chief Financial Officer), İbrahim Süha Çele, İsmet Güngör and İlker Arabacı.