Achmea appoints Lineke Sneller to the Supervisory Board

Achmea has appointed Ms. Lineke Sneller (47) to the Supervisory Board. Mr. Henk Slijkhuis (66) will stand down from the Supervisory Board, after 17 years of involvement with the Supervisory Board of Achmea and those of its legal predecessors.​

Prof. dr. Sneller RC is Chief Information Officer (CIO) at Vodafone Netherlands and Professor of Information Technology at Nyenrode Business University. She was appointed on the nomination of the Central Staff Council. Her nomination was based on the general profile drawn up for members of Achmea's Supervisory Board and the specific profile for this vacancy, which requires high-level ICT expertise and experience.

Henk Slijkhuis is standing down after long service to Achmea's Supervisory Board and those of its legal predecessors, including AVCB Groep. He will remain involved as a member of the Board of Directors of Vereniging Achmea, the major shareholder in Achmea through which customer representation is organised.

Ms. Sneller's appointment becomes effective today. Mr. Slijkhuis will stand down at the General Meeting of Shareholders coming March.

Achmea's Supervisory Board as of March 28 consists of drs. E.A.J. van de Merwe (chairman), M. Minderhoud (vice-chairman), Ms. prof. dr. M. Lückerath-Rovers, Ms. S.T. van Lonkhuijzen-Hoekstra MBA MCM, P.F.M. Overmars, dr. ir. A.W. Veenman, ing. A.J.A.M. Vermeer, B.J. van der Weg and Ms. prof. dr. L. Sneller RC.