Achmea board member temporarily steps down during investigation by Public Prosecution Service into Health Centres

Achmea announces that Jeroen van Breda Vriesman, member of the Executive Board, has temporarily stepped down from his position. The reason for this decision is an investigation initiated by the Dutch Public Prosecution Service into Achmea Health Centres. The investigation focuses on possibly incorrect processing for tax purposes of lease agreements for the Health Centres from 2007.

At its own initiative, Achmea contacted the Dutch Tax and Customs Administration regarding this matter in early 2014. The Public Prosecution Service subsequently started an investigation on 19 August of this year into the possibly incorrect processing for tax purposes of lease agreements, as well as an investigation into the officials then responsible and the corporate entities involved. The investigation focuses on the officials Jeroen van Breda Vriesman (then chairman of the Board for the Health division), and Leon de Jong (then director of the Customer Contact Centres & Service Companies, and in this capacity, also responsible for the Health Centres), and on Achmea Health Centres BV and Achmea BV.

Jeroen van Breda Vriesman: “Together with the Executive Board and the Supervisory Board, after careful consideration, I have decided to step down temporarily. I feel that a board member should be beyond all doubt at all times. Given that I bore final responsibility in 2007 for the division in question, this is the only right decision at this time.”

Willem van Duin, Chairman of the Executive Board: “We understand and respect Jeroen’s decision. He is known as an honourable board member who enjoys a good reputation both in and outside of the company. Given the investigation, this is the only right and sound action to take. Leon de Jong, currently group director at Central Services, has also temporarily stepped down for the same reason. Neither the Executive Board nor the Supervisory Board have any reason at present to doubt the integrity of either official.”

Achmea will obviously lend its full cooperation in the investigation. No further announcements on the details of the investigation may be made during the course of the Public Prosecution Service’s investigation.