Achmea grants Syntrus Achmea Vermogensbeheer additional mandate

Insurer Achmea has granted a new mandate to Syntrus Achmea Vermogensbeheer. The in-house asset manager – which will be changing its name as from the beginning of next year to Achmea Investment Management – is to take charge of €6 billion invested in European sovereign debt instruments. This €6 billion represents an expansion of the existing €8 billion bond mandate from Achmea for Syntrus Achmea Vermogensbeheer.

Achmea had already entrusted the management of a €20 billion derivatives portfolio to Syntrus Achmea Vermogensbeheer as well as granting a €1 billion mandate for alternative investments. The total assets under management by Achmea Investment Management will shortly be in excess of €100 billion.

With this latest change in asset management mandates, Achmea is affirming its confidence in the quality of service, the risk management and the investment performance of its subsidiary.

Syntrus Achmea Vermogensbeheer provides superior pension and asset management solutions and retirement income investment propositions. With its sound asset management, the company targets institutional investors. Syntrus Achmea Vermogensbeheer will be changing its name in 2016 to Achmea Investment Management. With assets under management in excess of €100 billion and a staff of more than 200, Achmea Investment Management will be aiming to serve both institutional and private investors.