Achmea hosts Capital Markets Day 2017

Achmea today hosts its annual Capital Markets Day 2017 in Leiden. Chairman of the Executive Board Willem van Duin opens the day with a presentation on the strategy of the group.

Van Duin is followed by a presentation by Michel Lamie, Chief Financial Officer of Achmea, on Finance and Solvency II.

After the two presentations about Achmea as a group, a presentation on our service organisation Pension & Life (closed book) is given by Mr. Frans van der Ent, chairman of the Pension & Life division.

Mr. Van der Ent is followed by a presentation by Mr. Michiel Delfos, divisional chairman of Achmea Non-life.

The presentations are concluded by Ms. Fleur Dujardin, director of the fully online insurer InShared.

View the report of the day

Strategy Update - Willem van Duin
Finance & Solvency II - Michel Lamie
Pensions & Life - Frans van der Ent
Achmea Non-Life - Michiel Delfos
Inshared - Fleur Dujardin