Achmea hosts Capital Markets Day 2018 in Leiden

Achmea hosts its annual Capital Markets Day today. Willem van Duin, Chairman of the Executive Board, starts the day with a presentation on the strategy of the group until 2020, called ‘Delivering Together’. Thereafter, a presentation on Customer Engagement and Innovation is given by Robert Otto, member of the Executive Board. In the final presentation of the afternoon, Michel Lamie, Chief Financial Officer, elaborates on the development of the group’s financial results, financial position and capital management.


The three presentation, will illustrate that Achmea is well on track with the realization of its strategy and financial ambitions until 2020. Central to our strategy are continued investments in the service to customers, innovation and the development of services in addition to our insurance propositions. With our multi-brand-strategy we are active across all distribution channels and we are market leader in the growing channels of bancassurance, direct and online. Our efficient and scalable IT-infrastructure also offers us opportunities for further international growth. With the execution of our strategy we contribute to a healthy, safe and future proof society.

As a cooperative insurer our solid financial position forms the foundation of all our activities. Both our operational result as well as our free capital generation develop positively, also as a result of earlier implemented improvement measures. In the interest of all our stakeholders, we aim to maintain our robust solvency position and expect to realize further growth of our results in all our segments.

The documents of all presentations are available at the column on the right side of this page.


Established in 1811, today Achmea is the largest insurance group in the Netherlands. In its home market, Achmea is market leader in non-life and health insurance. Gross written premiums for the group totalled approximately 20 billion euros over 2017, while the group’s solvency ratio remained strong at 184%. The group also offers income protection, life insurance, pensions services and mortgages. Asset manager Achmea Investment Management, oversees over 120 billion euros in assets under management. Internationally, Achmea is active in Turkey, Greece, Ireland, Australia, Slovakia and Canada. Each insurer has a deep understanding of its local market and customers.