Achmea introduces its Green Finance Framework

Achmea has drawn up a Green Finance Framework. Achmea intends to allocate the proceeds from financing instruments issued under the framework to (re)finance green loans and investments. This concerns loans and investments in energy-efficient homes in the Netherlands and energy-efficient commercial buildings in and outside the Netherlands.

Achmea is committed to Sustainable Living Together. We create sustainable value for our customers, our employees, our business and for society. Achmea is committed to climate neutral business operations by 2030, climate neutral investments by 2040 and a climate neutral insurance portfolio by 2050 at the latest.

Accelerating the green transition 
Bianca Tetteroo, chair of Achmea’s Executive Board: “Sustainability is fully integrated into our strategy and business operations. The launch of the Green Finance Framework fits perfectly with our ambitious climate goals. It gives us the opportunity to make a valuable contribution to accelerating the green transition.”

The Framework meets all standards 
Achmea is the first Dutch insurer with a Green Finance Framework. The Framework is based on the Green Bond Principles (ICMA, 2021) and the Green Loan Principles (LMA, 2021). The framework has been positively assessed by ISS ESG and CFP Green Buildings.

The Green Finance Framework is available on www.achmea.nl/en/investors/green-finance-framework