Achmea presents annual report 2015 and informs on resolutions at AGM

Achmea is today presenting its integrated annual report for 2015, providing a view of the group's financial results as well as the performance of its corporate social responsibilities in 2015. This is the third time that Achmea has published an integrated annual report, combining board reports and financial statements.

The Annual General Meeting of Shareholders, held on 20 April 2016, adopted the financial statements and granted discharge to the Executive Board and Supervisory Board. The AGM also resolved to declare a dividend on the ordinary shares totalling €146.7 million, equivalent to 45% of the net profit attributable to shareholders, and to pay a dividend on the preference shares of 5.5% of the paid-in amount of these shares.

Annual reporting is an important opportunity for Achmea to reinforce the strong ties with its stakeholders. Stakeholders include our customers, our employees, business and other partners and shareholders. In our annual report we provide a complete overview of our organisation, showing the connections between our strategy, our governance and the social and economic context in which we operate.

Social trends and the dialogue with our stakeholders form the basis for the main topics of Achmea's reporting. In partnership with our internal and external stakeholders in 2015 we have highlighted those themes which they find particularly relevant for Achmea. New developments relating to care and to the work-life balance demand new solutions if we are to continue helping our customers and strengthening society. Our stakeholders see it as a duty of ours to make a contribution to a healthier, safer and more future-proof society.

The report is structured according to the six dimensions of our strategy map. It thus provides an insight into how our company performs from six different perspectives: as regards our customers, our staff, our business and other partners and society at large and from the perspective of our processes and financial performance. The report is in accordance with the IIRC framework and the core option of GRI G4 of the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI).

Further details regarding Achmea's strategy will be disclosed along with other information at the Capital Markets Day on 26 May 2016.