Achmea presents integrated annual report for 2013

Achmea for the first time presents an integrated annual report covering both its financial and non-financial results. There is a growing demand in society for companies, and in particular financial institutions, to deliver social added value. That is especially true regarding the way in which customer interests are served and the sector as a whole fulfils its role in society.

Transparency regarding all aspects of our operations is therefore more important than ever. We want to show how we serve our eight million customers in the best possible way, what strategy we pursue with that aim in mind, the progress we make and also what the payback is for us.

This year we are taking a further step towards greater transparency. From now on, we will publish an integrated annual report covering both our financial results and societal achievements and demonstrating how we add value for our customers, our employees, our business partners and our shareholders.

Click here for the annual report.