Achmea sympathizes with those involved in plane crash MH17

Like the rest of the country Achmea’s board and employees were also horrified after last Thursday’s plane crash in Ukraine. We wish family, friends and relatives much strength in the weeks and months to come. In times of disaster we find it appropriate to manage with our insurance coverage accordingly.

Regardless of whether the crash was caused by terrorism and/or war Achmea has decided that clients with a travel insurance of Interpolis, Centraal Beheer Achmea, FBTO, Avéro Achmea, InShared or Zilveren Kruis Achmea can count on coverage for repatriation of the victims; for travel to the disaster area in the Ukraine and the (early) return to the Netherlands of clients whose family was aboard the MH17.

Achmea’s life insurers (Interpolis, Centraal Beheer, FBTO, Avéro Achmea) have also decided to pay the insured sums of clients with a life insurance, regardless of whether the plane crash was caused by terrorism and/or war.

Clients with a personal accident insurance including coverage for death from Centraal Beheer Achmea, Interpolis, Achmea Avéro or FBTO can also count on payment of the insured sums.

Emergency center Eurocross Assistance, part of Achmea, is involved in this calamity on behalf of all Dutch emergency centers.