Centraal Beheer General Pension Fund granted licence by DNB

Today, The Nederlandsche Bank (DNB) granted a licence to Centraal Beheer General Pension Fund. The granting of the licence marks an important milestone for Achmea in implementing its strategy for retirement provision.

As of today, pension funds and employers have the option of joining the Centraal Beheer General Pension Fund. The General Pension Fund is a new alternative in the pension sector and can administer a number of pension schemes with segregated assets. This makes the General Pension Fund a cost-saving form of collaboration with the aim of generating higher income for participants. The participants share the risks and rewards collectively.

Independent Board
The Board is being introduced at the same time. The Centraal Beheer General Pension Fund takes the form of a foundation. The independent Board members are Huub Hannen (Chair), Angela Peters (Board member and director of the Corporate Office) and Hans Kempen (Board member). These Board members have extensive management experience in the sector, supplemented by an in-depth subject knowledge. The Supervisory Board is made up of Marleen Barth (Chair), Jos Berkemeijer and Jan Buné.

All types of pension are combined and can be viewed via a single portal
Pension schemes are administered in the Centraal Beheer General Pension Fund in different solidarity circles. These could be Defined Benefit schemes, but equally also Defined Contribution schemes. Pension funds and employers place their pension schemes in one or more of the four standard circles, or in a circle of their own. All schemes can be viewed online via a participant portal. For the employee, the expected pension distribution is combined with expected costs, giving the employee a good picture of his or her net disposable income from retirement date. Employers have their own internet portal, providing them with an insight into the pension scheme or schemes agreed upon for the employees.

The Centraal Beheer General Pension Fund is an independent pension administrator that is being launched by Centraal Beheer from Apeldoorn, one of the strongest brands in the Netherlands. In terms of asset management, the Central Beheer General Pension Fund works with Achmea Investment Management, one of the largest pension investors in the Netherlands, and through them, also with nine large specialist asset managers.