Eureko CFO appointed to advisory body assisting EIOPA

Gerard van Olphen, Eureko’s Chief Financial Officer and Vice-Chairman of the executive board, has been appointed to the Insurance and Reinsurance Stakeholder Group, one of the advisory bodies assisting EIOPA, the new European supervisory authority for the insurance and occupational pensions industry. Van Olphen is the only Dutch representative to take place in this advisory body.

Via CEA, the European umbrella organisation of insurance and reinsurance companies, the insurance industry was invited to nominate ten candidates for the EIOPA stakeholder group, which has a total of thirty members. As well as insurers, the group also includes representatives of consumer organisations, users, trade unions and academia. The stakeholder group, which will meet at least four times a year, will advise EIOPA on issues such as the implementation of technical standards and notify EIOPA of any inconsistent application of European Union law or inconsistent supervisory practices in the European member states. Eureko is delighted that EIOPA’s Board of Supervisors has selected Gerard van Olphen out of more than 100 candidates nominated for appointment to this group. His considerable expertise and experience in the field of financial services were undoubtedly a significant factor in the Board’s decision.

Gerard van Olphen is also Chairman of the Commission on Financial Affairs of the Dutch Association of Insurers and Chairman of the ECOFIN Committee of CEA, the European insurance and reinsurance federation.