Eureko renamed to Achmea

As of January 1st 2012 Eureko changed its name to Achmea. It is a logical step to simplify our organisational structure and ensure we bring our core business excellence to the forefront. The change has no impact on our international strategy and in fact it will strengthen our international operations as we consolidate the business and open up importing and exporting our core competencies between the Netherlands and our international businesses.

The change from Eureko to Achmea includes all operating companies including the international businesses. Changing our name has no impact on our international strategy, directed at putting our core competencies at use. The power the brand Achmea holds through its successful and sustainable business adds to our aspiration to create one group with a clear European endorsement policy. Internationally, our cooperative nature also fits with growing consumer pressure for sustainable organisations with a strong sense of engagement within society.

Achmea is a strong brand in the Netherlands. Connected to characteristics as ‘competent’, ‘honest’, ‘sincere’ and ‘upright’, this change will further link our employees to our core values and also emphasize our cooperative roots. By using Achmea as our holding name we connect more explicitly to our market leading power brands within the Netherlands. This way a clear, logical brand structure arises that fortifies our signature and creates a direct relationship between our majority shareholder the Achmea Association and the group.

Practically it means that for Friends First in Ireland, Interamerican in Greece, Oranta in Russia, Union in Slovakia and Interamerican in Bulgaria, the name Eureko disappears. Eureko remains the retail brand of Eureko Sigorta in Turkey and Eureko in Romania due to their recognised market position.