Eureko responds to media reports on its capital position

Eureko has taken note of recent media articles regarding its capital position. At this point, the reports are premature and no decisions have been made. Eureko is in frequent talks with its major shareholders regarding a broad range of financial and operational topics.

Eureko's solvency position meets the requirements as set out by the Dutch Central Bank. Eureko publicly informs all its stakeholders about its financial and operational performance on a half-yearly basis. The earliest occasion for this is scheduled for March 17.

For further information, please contact:

David van Eeghen, Tel: +31 (0)6 53169997 / david.van.eeghen@achmea.nl

Eureko B.V. is a privately-owned financial services group whose core business is insurance. The company is registered in The Netherlands. With operations in 12 countries, the Eureko Group has more than 20.000 employees and offers a full range of insurance products – Life and Non-Life and pension products, health insurance and services, asset management and banking. The Group's direction is firmly focused on building a European financial services group based on its core business of insurance, which can provide a competitive proposition to its stakeholders.