Eureko sells Império France to SMABTP group

Eureko today announces that it signed an agreement involving the sale of Império France to SMABTP group. Império France is Eureko’s smallest operating company outside The Netherlands. Closing of the deal is foreseen in the first half of 2011. Finalisation of the transaction is subject to approval by the regulatory authorities.

The sale of Império fits within Eureko’s international strategy. Império serves a niche market – the Portuguese community in France - and distributes its products through its partner, Banque BCP, and a network of agents. As a consequence, Império is a typical example of a company which does not entirely fit in Eureko’s international strategy. After the sale, Império will be better positioned to ensure its future development.

SMATBP group comprises two mutual insurance companies: SMABTP, specialized in goods damages and liabilities and SMAvieBTP, dedicated to persons insurance (savings, pensions, health). The company aims to increase its client database. Within the framework of SMAvieBTP, Império will be dedicated to the continuation of its strategy serving the Portuguese community.