George Kotsalos steps down as CEO of Interamerican Greece

Mr. George Kotsalos is stepping down as Chief Executive Officer at Interamerican Greece during the course of this year. The year in which he turns 65. The Board and George Kotsalos agreed to this in mutual understanding. Mr. Kotsalos will stay in charge as CEO until a new CEO has been found, thereby creating the necessary conditions for finding a suitable successor.

The Board would like to express their gratitude for the achievements George Kotsalos has made during his years as Chief Executive Officer. In challenging times, Kotsalos has successfully maneuvered Achmea’s Greek insurance operations. With Kotsalos at the helm, Interamerican has strengthened its position as market leader of direct insurance in Greece. Also, the launch of the strong online brand Anytime was initiated under his reign. He was elected as chairman of the Greek insurance association for three times.

Willem van Duin, chairman of the Executive Board of Achmea, the Dutch mother company, is very grateful for George’s contribution to Interamerican: “George Kotsalos has been of great value to the company in the last 12 years. Not only in Greece but also in his role as one of the leaders in the international activities of Achmea.”

The Board of Interamerican expects to announce a successor for Kotsalos in due course.