Jeroen van Breda Vriesman to leave Achmea Executive Board

Jeroen van Breda Vriesman (48) is standing down as a member of the Achmea Executive Board. He stood down temporarily in September 2014 after the Public Prosecution Service initiated an investigation into Achmea Health Centres. Given the time that has already elapsed and the uncertainty about how long it will take to complete the case, the Supervisory Board and Jeroen van Breda Vriesman have agreed that he will resign from his post.

The investigation focuses on the possibly incorrect processing for tax purposes of lease agreements for the Health Centres from 2007. At that time, Jeroen van Breda Vriesman was responsible for the Health Centres in his capacity as chairman of the Health division. It was Achmea itself that reported this issue to the Dutch Tax and Customs Administration in early 2014.

The Supervisory Board of Achmea regrets this development. However, they consider his departure as unavoidable given the current situation. The Supervisory Board expects soonto clarify the situation around succession.