Okan Utkueri steps down as CEO of Eureko Sigorta

Okan Utkueri has decided to step down as CEO of Eureko Sigorta with effect from 1st March 2014. Okan Utkueri has been working in this position for more than seven years, with great energy and commitment. He has been instrumental in directing the company to new levels and bringing Eureko Sigorta to a market leading position in bancassurance. He now considers it the right time to explore new opportunities in his career. 

​Okan Utkueri recently informed the Achmea Executive Board and the Board of Directors of Eureko Sigorta of his decision to step down and pursue new career opportunities. Okan Utkueri: "I have had the pleasure to lead one of the most successful insurance businesses within the Turkish market. Whilst I am proud of the achievements made, I also feel it is the right time for me to explore new opportunities and for a new leader to drive Eureko Sigorta to the next level of development."

In order to achieve a smooth transition to a new CEO, Achmea and Okan are cooperating closely. Achmea is highly committed to its long term bancassurance partnership with Garanti Bank, as Turkey is considered one of the main markets for future growth of the Achmea Group. The search for a new CEO to build on Okan's work will begin shortly. In the mean time, Okan will remain CEO until 1st March 2014 and will continue as an Advisor to the Board of Directors of Eureko Sigorta thereafter.
Roelof Konterman, member of the Executive Board of Achmea: "Achmea has accepted Okan's wish. We are grateful for Okan’s skills, knowledge and extensive contribution to the development of Eureko Sigorta and our partnership with Garanti Bank. His focus and commitment to date has been clear and the Achmea Executive Board would like to thank Okan and wish him every success in his future career."