Pensioenfonds Vervoer chooses Achmea Investment Management as integral asset manager

Following an intensive selection process, Pensioenfonds Vervoer has chosen Achmea Investment Management as integral asset manager for the scheme. The arrival of Pensioenfonds Vervoer with effect from the end of 2019 reinforces the position of Achmea Investment Management as a leading Dutch asset manager.

Pensioenfonds Vervoer administers the pension schemes for employees in the road haulage, private bus and taxi transport, inland waterway and crane hire sectors, as well as the employees of Orsima. Pensioenfonds Vervoer has over 670,000 members and at the end of Q1 2019, assets invested of approximately 28 billion euro. Achmea Investment Management currently has around 129 billion euro assets under management.

Willem Brugman, managing director of Pensioenfonds Vervoer: “Following a thorough process, on4 April 2019, the Board of Pensioenfonds Vervoer decided to transfer the role of integral asset manager to Achmea Investment Management. The main reason for choosing Achmea Investment Management as integral asset manager is that it can provide a full-service solution for Pensioenfonds Vervoer and has several customers of a similar size.”

Jacob de Wit, divisional chair of Achmea Investment Management (photo): “We focus on providing customised services to large customers, such as Pensioenfonds Vervoer. Integral asset management of this pension fund is at the heart of the fiduciary services we offer to a wide range of pension fund customers. We look forward to working hard alongside the board and the investment office in the best interests of the scheme members.”