Rabobank and Eureko to cooperate more closely

Rabobank and Eureko have reached agreement on intensifying their successful commercial cooperation. Eureko and its two largest shareholders, Rabobank and Vereniging Achmea, have also extended their existing agreement relating to an intention to merge.

This commercial cooperation has grown in many areas in recent years. For example, Rabobank and Eureko are investing together in offering products via multimedia channels, in order to serve customers in different ways. Both Eureko and Rabobank stress that the intention to merge should be seen separately from the commercial cooperation, under which products and services are offered jointly to customers.

Piet Moerland, Chairman of the Executive Board of Rabobank Nederland: ‘We attach great value to the strategic cooperation between Rabobank and Eureko. Via Interpolis, our customers have access to all the products and services offered by Achmea, the largest insurance company on the Dutch market, which like Rabobank is unlisted.’

Willem van Duin, Chairman of the Executive Board of Eureko: ‘Rabobank and Eureko agree that the priority is to expand our commercial cooperation. The share of Interpolis policies within the total product offering of the local Rabobanks will grow further. Jointly offering financial services to our customers strengthens the excellent position already enjoyed by both Rabobank and Eureko: two distinctive companies with a similar cooperative background and a similar position in society.’

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