Solvency II level year-end 2015 under approved internal model 201%

Achmea announces that the Group’s Solvency II level, calculated according to the approved Partial Internal Model, is 201% as of 31 December 2015. This level includes the group’s banking and asset management activities and is subject to final interpretation of Solvency II regulations.

Willem van Duin, chairman of the Executive Board of Achmea: “It’s good to see that the group’s solid financial position is also reflected under Solvency II. A solid financial position is a prerequisite for the long-term fulfilment of the commitments we have made to our customers. Achmea’s partial internal model for Non-life insurance risk has been approved by among others the Dutch central bank for use for prudential purposes. Using the partial internal model provides Achmea with even better insights in its risks, allowing for better risk management and improved protection of the interests of our customers.”

Further details on the Solvency II capital position will be provided at our Capital Markets Day on May 26.