Achmea announces proposal to adopt a new dividend policy

Achmea B.V. ("Achmea") will submit a proposal to the general meeting to adopt a new dividend policy, also as a result of the transition to IFRS 9/17. We will ask to adopt this proposal at the extraordinary general meeting which is planned for 21 December 2023.

According to Achmea’s current dividend policy, the Executive Board could propose to distribute a dividend of 35%-45% of the net result, excluding the net result of the Dutch health insurance entities and after deduction of coupon payments on hybrid capital. This is subject to the condition that the dividend distribution is in line with the prudential financial policy of the Group.

In the new dividend policy, the proposed dividend will be based on a market-based annual dividend yield of 7.0% of the calculated value of Achmea. The Executive Board may offer Achmea's shareholders a choice between a (partial or whole) cash dividend or in the form of ordinary shares of Achmea. The new dividend policy will offer our shareholders a more stable dividend and increases Achmea’s financial flexibility. The option for a stock dividend, when used, will lead to lower cash outflows for Achmea.

In line with the current dividend policy, a dividend payout is at any time subject to legal, regulatory and prudent financial policy requirements. The proposed new dividend policy applies to the financial years 2023, 2024 and 2025. After this period, the dividend policy will be reassessed by Achmea.