Achmea Bank to acquire mortgage portfolio from a.s.r.

On 17 November 2021, Achmea Bank will acquire a mortgage portfolio of €500 million from a.s.r. a.s.r. will continue to manage these mortgages for Achmea Bank. The two organisations have expressed the intention to conduct additional transactions of €500 million in both 2022 and 2023. In addition, Achmea Bank will acquire roughly €190 million of newly originiated mortgages from a.s.r. annually for the next three years. These are mainly mortgages with a short fixed-interest period. The acquisition has no consequences for the servicing to customers in this portfolio.

These transactions are an expansion of the strategic mortgage alliance between Achmea and a.s.r.

Pierre Huurman, chairman of board of directors of Achmea Bank: “Achmea Bank and a.s.r. have been working together with respect to mortgages since 2019. In recent months we elaborated on how we can further reinforce each other in this area. We are delighted that this has led to these transactions, which underline our ambition to grow in mortgages. We look forward to making a success of the strategic alliance with a.s.r. over the next few years.”

Jack Julicher, CEO of a.s.r. asset management: “The transaction with Achmea Bank is a seamless fit with a.s.r. asset management’s strategy. As well as managing assets for a.s.r.’s insurance companies, we focus on third-party asset management in certain specific investment categories, including residential mortgages. This mandate allows us to use our know-how and experience in mortgage services for Achmea Bank. In Achmea, we have found the right partner with a long-term vision and proven mortgage knowledge.”

The acquisition will not affect customers in the portfolio; a.s.r. will remain their point of contact and the agreement and terms and conditions will not change. a.s.r. will remain an active player in the mortgage market. Overall a.s.r. asset management manages roughly €11 billion of mortgages, which are on the balance sheet of a.s.r. In addition a.s.r. manages assets of over €9 billion for external clients through mortgage funds and external mandates.

The combined mortgage portfolio of all Achmea brands (Centraal Beheer, Woonfonds, Syntrus Achmea, Attens and Tellius) equals roughly €29 billion. Achmea wants to further expand its share of the mortgage market in the next few years. In the past Achmea Bank has acquired mortgage portfolios from a.s.r. (2019) and BinckBank (2020).