Achmea expands international representation

Robert Otto joins the Board of International Cooperative and Mutual Insurance Federation (ICMIF)

Zeist, 21 November – Working with and participating in several national and international networks is an important element of Achmea’s strategy. Sectoral boundaries are blurring and partnering is becoming increasingly important, both nationally and internationally. This is why Achmea is actively joining network organisations to share knowledge and to work with others on the future. As part of this strategy, Robert Otto, member of Achmea’s Executive Board is joining the Board of ICMIF, the international network for cooperative and mutual insurance companies.

The world around mobility, care, housing and business is evolving rapidly. As a large cooperative insurer, we play a role in many of the changes that are unfolding internationally. Joining multiple networks is becoming increasingly important and plays a central role in our strategy. The international sector agenda is often devised and set in these collaborative partnerships, including from the perspective of legislation, globalisation, regulation and consolidation. Achmea is a member of the International Federation of Health Plans (IFHP), the Geneva Association, the CRO network and insurance umbrella organisations, Amice and ICMIF, among others. Robert Otto’s appointment to the ICMIF Board further reinforces our position in this alliance.

Robert Otto: “It fits seamlessly with Achmea’s role as a cooperative insurer to take a seat on the ICMIF Board. This is the place where we set the agenda for the global cooperative insurance sector. In addition, as one of the largest cooperative insurers, we are keen to share our knowledge and experience in this area so that we can contribute to the development of the ICMIF and its members all over the world.”

Robert Otto was appointed during ICMIF’s biannual global conference, which discussed issues such as: value creation in the insurance sector, leadership of the future cooperative insurer and the insurer of the future in relation to digitalisation and the war on talent. The CEO of Achmea Australia, Emma Thomas, spoke during the session on the insurer of the future.


The International Cooperative and Mutual Insurance Federation (ICMIF) is owned, governed and actively guided by its member organisations. Just like a good cooperative or mutual, it can respond to its members’ changing needs and expectations. It exists to help strengthen its members’ competitiveness by delivering unique market information, networking opportunities, leadership development programmes and global advocacy. The cooperative and mutual insurance sector represents 27% of the global insurance market. The 200 ICMIF members represent the fastest growing part of the global insurance sector. This subsector has grown by 40% over the past ten years compared with global insurance growth of 17%.