Achmea opts for a climate-neutral strategy and joins the Net-Zero Insurance Alliance

Achmea is joining the Net-Zero Insurance Alliance, underlining its climate ambitions. The company is committed to climate-neutral business operations by 2030 and a climate-neutral investment portfolio by 2040. And in addition aiming for a climate-neutral insurance portfolio by 2050 at the latest.

The Net-Zero Insurance Alliance is a United Nations initiative that brings together leading insurers from around the world to emphasise their role in the transition to a climate-neutral economy. Achmea wants to make a meaningful contribution to this.

Achmea is setting the bar high

Bianca Tetteroo, chair of the Executive Board, on this important step: “We are setting the bar high for ourselves. Based on our vision ‘Sustainable Living Together’, we want to create sustainable value for our customers, our employees and our business and for society. By accelerating this as much as possible, we are taking responsibility now and not shifting it to the future. Past generations could count on us; future generations must be able to do so as well. Climate change is a major theme for Achmea and we want to help our customers and society be resilient against it. And along with our partners, we are committed to working towards combatting further climate change. Joining the Net-Zero Insurance Alliance is a perfect fit for this.”

Achmea is also supporting the Insured Emissions Initiative
With its sustainability ambitions and by joining the Net-Zero Insurance Alliance, Achmea is committed to a transition path that uses science-based targets. In line with this, we are also supporting the Insured Emissions initiative of the Partnership for Carbon Accounting Financials (PCAF), in collaboration with the Net-Zero Insurance Alliance (NZIA), through which we will develop a standard for measuring and reporting CO2 emissions of insurance portfolios.