Achmea: “shocked by the situation in Ukraine, we are helping where we can”

At Achmea we stand for Duurzaam Samen Leven (living sustainably together), a society in which everyone plays a part and lives alongside one other in harmony and health. This is only possible if you can live together peacefully. The aggression against Ukraine, a sovereign state, runs counter to this and we condemn it. We are shocked by this tragedy and our thoughts go out to all the people who are affected by it. With the Russian invasion,  the situation in Ukraine is constantly changing. This can have an impact on our products and services and how we are required to deal with legislation and regulation,, including through new sanctions,. We are of course complying with the sanctions imposed by the EU in response to the situation in Ukraine and are following developments closely.

We are helping where we can
For our international colleagues, such as our colleagues at Union in Slovakia, Eureko Sigorta in Turkey and our IT helpdesk in Poland, this serious situation is very close to home. The situation is also very worrying and uncertain for our colleagues from a Ukrainian background or with family and friends in the area. In close contact with our international colleagues, we are looking at what they need and how we can help them. The Achmea Foundation is working with colleagues who want to help. Our colleagues in Slovakia are already involved in campaigns launched by Achmea in the Netherlands. For example they are already working hard on the ground to collect goods and raise funds to assist hospitals and other facilities in Ukraine. On the Voor Elkaar platform, Achmea has launched a special crowdfunding campaign to contribute to these efforts.

We are excluding Russia from our investments
Achmea has limited investments in Russia and Belarus[1]. We have added Russia and Belarus to the country exclusion list. By placing these two countries on the country exclusion list, government bonds and state enterprises (interest of >50%) are excluded. This means that we will no longer make any new investments and will sell our existing investments as soon as we can do so responsibly. This is not possible at the moment because stock markets are closed or because of sanctions, for example.

We are informing our customers
We are informing our customers about potential consequences for their products or services (for example, changes in cover). We are doing this via our various customer channels. Further information is also available from the Dutch Association of Insurers: https://www.verzekeraars.nl/verzekeringsthemas/schade/rampen-terreur/verzekeren-oekra%C3%AFne

 [1] Bonds €15 million in Russia and Belarus. Shares: €14 million in Russia - prices at the end of January 2022)