Achmea uses reserves to limit increase in health insurance premiums

Achmea is contributing about € 130 million from its reserves to limit the increase in its basic health insurance premiums for next year. This amount will be charged against the result for the financial year 2020. In this way Achmea is helping to keep health insurance premiums affordable for customers of Zilveren Kruis, De Friesland, Interpolis, Pro Life and FBTO. These brands announce their 2021 premiums today.

The main reason for the increase in premiums is the upward trend in healthcare costs as a result of rises in the labour costs and prices and an increasing use of expensive and specialised medicines.

As a cooperative insurer, Achmea aims to maintain a proper balance between offering competitive health insurance premiums to customers and maintaining a sound financial position. Although Achmea is convinced that structurally offering premiums below cost price is not sustainable, current circumstances, including also Covid-19, demand that we take an extra step to limit the increase in premiums for our customers. The contribution of € 130 million from the reserves is higher than last year, when the contribution was about € 21 million.