Achmea’s Annual General Meeting adopts financial statements and approves dividend; Bianca Tetteroo and Jan van den Berg take office

Today Achmea’s Annual General Meeting (AGM) adopted the 2020 financial statements and granted discharge to the members of the Executive Board and the Supervisory Board. The AGM also approved a proposal to distribute a dividend of €19.6 million on the preference shares and €149.7 million on the ordinary shares. In addition, the AGM addressed the previously announced appointments of Bianca Tetteroo and Jan van den Berg.

Bianca Tetteroo has been appointed as chair of the Executive Board of Achmea with effect from today. She succeeds Willem van Duin, who has stepped down after seventeen years on the Executive Board, including twelve as chair. Michel Lamie (CFO) has been appointed as vice-chair of the Executive Board, also with effect from today.

Jan van den Berg has been appointed chair of the Supervisory Board of Achmea with effect from today. He succeeds Aad Veenman, who is stepping down after completing his third four-year term of appointment. In addition to Aad Veenman, Mijntje Lückerath is also stepping down today as member of the Supervisory Board. She has held this position since July 2011.

The AGM reappointed Lineke Sneller for a period of two years. She has been a supervisory director at Achmea since January 2013.

Achmea publishes its 2020 Annual Report
Achmea also published its integrated Annual Report today, which provides information on our financial and social results of this very eventful year 2020. The report provides a comprehensive overview of our organisation and so is of use to customers, employees, partners, capital providers and other stakeholders.

Achmea’s integrated Annual Report has two parts:
- Part 1 (the annual review) together with section 1 of Part 2 forms the Executive Board’s report and describes our strategy, progress made in 2020 and our vision of the future. The appendix to Part 1 contains detailed information on sustainability.
- Part 2 (the year report) contains Achmea’s 2020 consolidated and company financial statements, the Supervisory Board report and a report on our governance and risk management.

Today, Achmea also published its Solvency and Financial Condition Report (SFCR) for 2020 offering an overview of our financial position based on the Solvency II Directive. All these documents can be downloaded via https://www.achmea.nl/en/investors/publications.

CV of Bianca Tetteroo and the membership of the Executive Board
Bianca Tetteroo, who is a chartered accountant and studied business administration, started her career in 1988 at accountancy firm Mazars. In 1996 she started working in the financial sector at former Fortis. In April 2009, she joined Achmea, where she became finance director of Syntrus Achmea. Mrs Tetteroo became chair of the Pension & Life division in early 2012. Mrs Tetteroo has been a member of the Executive Board since June 2015, becoming vice-chair in January 2020 and chair in April 2021. In addition, Mrs Tetteroo is a member of the Supervisory Board of Netspar and the Kunsthal Rotterdam and a board member of the Dutch Council for Cooperatives.

The Executive Board of Achmea now comprises Bianca Tetteroo (chair), Michel Lamie (vice-chair), Henk Timmer, Robert Otto and Lidwien Suur. The Supervisory Board is addressing the vacancy that has arisen following the departure of Willem van Duin and the appointment of Bianca Tetteroo as chair of the Executive Board.

CV of Jan van den Berg and the membership of the Supervisory Board
Jan van den Berg has been a member of the Supervisory Board since February 2018. He has considerable executive and supervisory experience in the international insurance market built up at Nationale-Nederlanden, AXA and Prudential Financial. Mr van den Berg is a member of the Supervisory Board of myTomorrows, a Dutch global healthcare company.

The Supervisory Board of Achmea now comprises Jan van den Berg (chair), Wim de Weijer (vice-chair), Miriam van Dongen, Petri Hofsté, Lex Kloosterman, Lineke Sneller and Roel Wijmenga.