Achmea’s subsidiary Pim Mulier to become independent

Healthcare organisation Pim Mulier will operate independently from 1 June 2023. Current director Koos Telkamp and fellow-investor Jan Hagens will take over the company from Achmea and are confident that healthy growth and further development at Pim Mulier can be better achieved outside Achmea. 

Pim Mulier promotes a healthy lifestyle for employees, teams and organisations. The business was set up in 1985 and has been part of Achmea since 1997. Organisationally, Pim Mulier is part of Zilveren Kruis, Achmea’s healthcare division.

Attention to health and prevention
Robert Otto, member of the Executive Board of Achmea: “We think everything that falls within the theme of health and prevention is very important. Therefore Achmea and Zilveren Kruis use the services of Pim Mulier for our own employees and collective customers. These will not be affected. In fact, for employees we will even include these services in our online learning platform All You Can Learn. On behalf of the Executive Board, I wish the new owners every success.”

Greater opportunities for innovation 
Koos Telkamp:As a result of becoming independent, Pim Mulier will have greater opportunities for innovation and to respond to a rapidly changing environment. We focus on sustainable behavioral change among our partners and clients. Outside Achmea, these include NOC*NSF/Papendal, Bouwend Nederland, ministries and universities of applied sciences. We are happy with this step, which again gives us a kind of startup feeling, and we are confident about a bright future.”

The transfer is subject to favourable advice from Achmea’s Central Works Council.
Foto Pim Mulier - Bollen