Introduction of new dividend policy and withdrawal of preference shares completed

In line with the proposals of the Executive Board and after approval by the General Meeting, Achmea has finalised the following resolutions:
- the Introduction of a new dividend policy starting from the financial year 2023;
- the withdrawal of all outstanding preference shares on 31 December 2023.

Implementation new dividend policy 
In the new dividend policy, the proposed dividend will be based on a market-based annual dividend yield of 7% of the calculated value of Achmea. The Executive Board may offer Achmea's shareholders a choice between a (partial or whole) cash dividend or in the form of ordinary shares of Achmea. The new policy offers our shareholders a more stable dividend and increases Achmea’s financial flexibility.

The new dividend policy applies to the financial years 2023, 2024 and 2025. After this period, the dividend policy will be reassessed by Achmea.

Withdrawal preference shares 
The withdrawal of the preference shares will be accompanied by a repayment of € 356 million and a dividend payment of € 20 million (both sums rounded) to the holders of preference shares in January 2024. These are held indirectly by various banks and other institutional investors.

The pro forma impact of the withdrawal on the solvency as of 30 June is 6 percentage points. The impact on the relative shareholdings is limited.