Achmea Innovation Fund invests in insurtech Alicia Insurance

Too many freelancers are working with insufficient or even no insurance 

The Achmea Innovation Fund has made an investment in Alicia Insurance. This fast-growing Rotterdam-based insurtech specialises in developing and offering embedded insurance for freelancers. This investment is in line with Achmea’s mission to help solve social issues; in this case in the ‘carefree living and working’ domain. By the end of this year, Alicia will have insured more than 100,000 freelancers.

Alicia, founded in 2019, is convinced that every freelancer’s insurance issues can be resolved. The insurtech provides tailored insurance that is offered in the customer journey on digital platforms used by freelancers. This means that the most appropriate insurance is offered, for example, when a freelancer accepts an assignment. This includes liability, disability and legal assistance insurance. 

Creating impact for freelancers together 
Katharina Maass, manager of the Achmea Innovation Fund: “Alicia’s vision is in line with the activities we develop for customers of Achmea and our Centraal Beheer, Interpolis and Zilveren Kruis brands to increase the sustainable employability of people. We are enthusiastic about this investment and are convinced of the impact we can make with Alicia. We are pleased to be contributing to Alicia’s ambition to have insured one million freelancers in Europe by the end of next year.” 

“Too many freelancers have insufficient or even no insurance. We are solving this problem by directly embedding flexible fit-for-purpose insurance into the platforms that freelancers use.” Alicia insure - Insurance for freelancers

In addition to the Achmea Innovation Fund other great parties are engaged in this investment round. Consequently Alicia can move to the next stage, which consists of international growth and expanded services. Alicia’s CEO Marijn Moerman: “People want to work differently than 30 years ago. Freelance work is normal in 2022 but for many freelancers insurance is complex, often expensive and difficult to take out. Our experience is that embedding insurance makes it accessible. For a relatively low hourly amount, you can employ people sustainably and we can solve the social problem of uninsured freelancers. We are proud of the investors who, in the current investment climate, are confident that we can achieve our ambition.”

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