Achmea prices Tier 2 Notes of € 300 million

Yesterday the price of the previously announced Achmea bond issuance has been determined. It concerns a € 300 million 20.5yr non-call 10.5yr Tier 2 Notes issuance. The transaction was received well in the capital markets. The orderbook was oversubscribed by ca. 4x.

The Tier 2 Notes can be called for the first time in June 2033. They were priced at 370 basis points above mid-swaps with a coupon of 6.75%.

The Tier 2 Notes are expected to be rated BBB- by S&P and BBB by Fitch and will be listed on the Euronext Dublin on or about the 26th June 2023. The Tier 2 Notes have been placed by a syndicate of banks, consisting of Barclays, HSBC, ING, Deutsche Bank and BNP Paribas.

The Tier 2 Notes have been issued under the Achmea B.V. € 5 billion Debt Issuance Programme (more information on https://www.achmea.nl/en/investors/debt-information).